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Brethren all

I would like to take this opportunity to first thank all of our Brothers for their kind words, stories, and things remembered from the past. Through the outreach letters I have learned more from my fellow brothers than I have learned in all my time as a Mason. We here in the Tyrian-Ashler-Acacia Lodge have a long and prosperous past, and I am sure, a bright future. Our recent open house has brought in six prospective young men whom I hope we can pass this legacy on to for future generations. By bringing in younger, interested men who care about our community and our fellow man, we build their future, our future and the craft. I challenge each of you to get involved in some way or activity. Through cypher work, enlightenment from the past or even words of wisdom.

Our more distinguished and distant brothers that are out of town/state do not have the privilege to attend lodge or see the changes we have done in the past few years or to be part of the interaction in lodge. So I would like to start a video gallery with the highlights from each of our monthly lodge events (a picture of the lodge room, or a community event). I hope this helps bring us closer to our distant brothers and brings a smile and fond memories to all.

I would like to start a fund dedicated for the purpose of helping a distressed worthy brother. We could start a committee to facilitate it and to see it grow through fund raisers and donations.

So mote it be!
-Worshipful Bro Craig