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Brethren All

The first communication of GL with our new MW Grand Master was attended by the Master and JW on the 12th of March. The proceedings were quite festive and relaxed as the new GM opened and proceeded thru his venue. A modification to the LOI attendance was made including new verbiage not requiring PM to attend for advancement, although encouraged.

Also altered is the capability to do an online class and test to receive credit for a missed LOI. Awards were given for LOI attendance, as well the GM awards (17 in total). We were not among these but I would like each of you to know that in LOI attendance we have 100% for our lodge. In regards to the GM award we have completed each task and more before the year has even ended.

I want to thank each and every one of you whom have participated and made this happen. We may not have these awards but we certainly do walk the walk and should be proud of these accomplishments. We stand tall and are at the front line to propel masonry into the future our Masonry, the 10th district, our lodge “Congratulations”!!

So mote it be!

Worshipful Bro. Craig