From the East: March 2014

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Warm greetings from the east! Hope you have had a nice spring break and were able to spend some time with your kids or grand kids. This being a short month so will my comments be. I am looking to get some if not all the Past masters to help out some in the following ways.

Candidates secretes classes (cypher) training if you are able to help with this please contact me, or the SD Jay Kaplon your help would be greatly appreciated. Ritual work I know each and every one of you PMs has a special section of the ritual you care deeply about, that speaks to you in some special way. I would like to use that passion and a small amount of your time to pick up some part in the coming degrees (this month FC) would be a great place to start.

Any ideas you have for making things better either in our lodge or in the community please let us know. Also I would be remiss if I did not speak about the dues, yes it is that time of year again and your help in getting them in soon is needed. As times are greeting harder for some it is our obligation to help without injury to ourselves or family. Please if you need some assistance let us know. We hope to have the ability soon to take payments via PayPal and installments as well (more on this at the next meeting). Why not take advantage of the Upcoming health screening, or more information contact either myself of The JW Bro. Boerio.

Wor. Craig Chaney