From the West: March 2014

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As we finished our regular communication a few nights ago, I was very proud of the work we did. Not only did we have exemplary degree work, highlighted by a superb Middle Chamber lecture by your Senior Deacon, Brother Jay Kaplon, but we were able to accomplish this in front of our District Deputy and as packed of a house as we’ve had in recent memory. This is something you should be proud of.

Seeing the packed house reminded me that our lodge doesn’t stand alone. We are part of a group of superb lodges, namely the 10th Masonic District. As a district, we see each other a few times a year, at Lodges of Instruction, Official and Fraternal Visitations, the Annual District Picnic, and other District events. I urge you, my brethren, to visit some of these lodges, and make new friends. We are all one big happy fraternity, as these brethren have taken the same obligations you have, and gone through the same degrees as you.

As I sit here watching Olympic Curling (one of my favorite sports), I see how well the team works together to obtain a common goal. This is reflected in the current team of officers, of which I count myself very lucky to be a member. Our officers work tirelessly to bring the degrees to life, and to help extend the brotherhood beyond the lodge room as much as they can. I am thankful to call you all my friends, and look forward to what you all can do for our lodge, and our fraternity, in the future.

Gordon Gravelese, Senior Warden