From the East: January 2014

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Brethren all

As yet another year has come and gone last year was filled with many trials and tribulations, as well we have accomplished so very much. We have a new set of bylaws, our building has been revived, the Widows program resurrected, and most important we have begun to bring back life, a new beginning into the lodge. I would like to thank all of you that have made this possible and to ask that we raise the bar to achieve even more this year.

Our entire year has been set up to engage the community, our families and brothers to keep vitality in this ancient fraternity. I would challenge each and every one of you to get involved, participate, enjoy, and create new ideas. This is our lodge we can make it what we desire, to make a statement, set expectations, to build a future our future.

The sun is bright in the East of the Tyrian-Ashler-Acacia lodge. I look forward to this year working to build our future!

-Worshipful Bro. Chaney