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We are in full swing, our masonic year has started with a full complement of future Masons. We have 3 in the wings and after a fantastic open house in Oct. it looks like we will have a very busy year might be as many as 12 prospective masons.

Our new GMBC president Boerio has made the grounds look fantastic as well the brothers whom stopped in and helped out, I will let Bro. Boerio expand on this later. We did have a few Brothers that were able to attend the last meeting of the North Shore Daylight lodge this past Tuesday, and even though this was a sad event there was Hope, and Charity felt in the building for a new beginning in the future. We wish them our best and would hope we could reach out to them with offers or attending one of our meetings.

We still have plenty of work to do and many positions available in which we need help. I will be calling on each and every mason to extend either a hand! Thoughts of the future! and guidance form our Past masters, remember this is our legacy for the FUTURE. Trouble getting to lodge!!!! If you or a Bro. would like to attend our next or future lodge meeting we would be happy to make sure you get a ride both ways just get in touch with me or our New Service Officer Bryan Johnson.

Please remember that DDGM RW Yanakakis last official visit will be at John T heard lodge on November 6th it would be great to support him on his last day as he has helped and supported us thru his term.

Remember that the LOI is necessary for the line officers, TAA has had a 100% attendance “Thank you Brothers” let’s keep it up.

W.M.Craig Chaney