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Brethren all…

Please note the somewhat surprising changes to the calendar for this month. Unusually we will be doing a Fist Degree PRIOR to our regular meeting. There are some very good reasons for this and they will be discovered as the month unfolds. Our candidate, Mr. McClain, is a Coast Guard officer and was voted in January. The Coast Guard make some serious demands upon Officers schedules and this is one reason for the alteration in our calendar. I urge you to attend his initiation into our Fraternity.

During our Regular business meeting we will be attending to the presentation of scholarships. Please note. This is a public event. Cameras are welcome. Both still and movie. The scholarships will be presented in the Lodge Room and it would be particularly impressive if we were to have a large attendance.

And attendance is another matter that was forcefully brought to my attention at the last Third Degree meeting by a long service Past Master of our Lodge. And I admit to being very supportive towards his attitude. Our Fraternity and this particular Lodge will not be able to continue if members continually fail to attend meetings. Your Lodge officers are giving their very best to make our meetings enjoyable and rewarding. Our newest members have made a grand effort by learning some of our cipher book and exemplifying in the Temple. So I am requesting all members make a very special effort to attend one meeting per month.

If you are receiving this notice in paper form and by Post Office delivery, and at the same time have the ability to receive email,  l cannot emphasize enough the very real need for you to receive by email. It would save our Lodge a great deal of money and considerable time and effort in postage.

Finally, my kindest regards to all of you, whoever you are and wherever you are…

In Gloucester….
Brotherly love,
Robert William Streeter.